Dhampir turned mercenary turned corpse turned slave-soldier


Caluthes was a soldier of fortune defending Robinsilver Fortress. He and his band charged such a high price for their services that even if the township survived it would be broke. Caluthes had designs on taking the ‘near’ out of the equation. However before the siege was halted, his vampiric heritage was found out and he was put to the chopping block as a spy for the other side.

Some fifty years later, Robinsilver was burned to the ground by invading Drow. Searching the area for items of worth they came upon Caluthes’ body in a mass grave, preserved by his dark heritage and the butchered corpses on top of him. His identity and reputation were found out and the Drow carried him back to the Underdark, where a priestess of Lolth reattached his head with barbed cobwebs and revived him.

The Drow have impressed Caluthes into their service, promising a swift death and a burial he can’t return from should he fail to act on their behalf. Caluthes does not seek eternal death but is fearless in battle, reasoning that he might get lucky a second time should some other power take out the Drow while he is “between vitality.” People who might again resurrect him without driving such an unforgiving bargain.

Caluthes wears the shroud he was buried in as a sarong. His head is stitched on with thick, sharp webbing like barbed wire and lolls about as he moves; this does not impair his skills as such but he might be more effective were his situation different. He keeps several bowstrings tied around his forearm in case he needs to restring his bow, Swift Singer, on the fly.


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